About Us

“If only I had checked the number first” After buying a camera off of Craigslist I found the camera did not work as expected. Then I checked the person’s phone number and I realized they were a big reseller of cameras online. I mistakenly believed it was a person selling their own personal camera and not a reseller of used goods.

Its not so simple to just check Google and various shopping sites for a phone number. Thus, we created FoneReputation. There is no Consumer Reports for phone numbers but we hope to help provide a solution to help people be informed.

We started FoneReputation with the idea to help people be prepared and informed before making a purchase of tickets or goods. But we soon realized it could be used for rentals and before going on a date.

People may change their names but phone numbers often stay the same. FoneReputation exists to share online ratings and reputation of people's phone numbers.